Latest Teaching

By The Waters Of Babylon

Series - Christian Music That Isn't Christian Music

All The Way
The Leader Of The Band
The Reason
They Didn't Believe Me
If I Should Die Tonight

Series - The Big Questions

Why Has All This Happened to Us?
IS Jesus the Messiah, Though??
What Does God Want From Me?
Why Do the Faithful Suffer!?
And Who IS My Neighbor!?
Then Who CAN Be Saved!?
Why Am I Here?
Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Where Could I Go from God's Presence?

Stand Alone Sermons

Be A Nebuchadnezzar
Christianity Is Cancelled
What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture?
A Unique Testimony
Those With Ears to Hear
The Magnitude of Women
This One's For the Broken Hearted
This is the House of the Lord!
practice selah
Thanksgiving Dinner At Midnight
The Necessity of Meditation
When Patriotism Flirts With Idolatry
The Greatest Advice A Mother Could Give
Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening
Strong and Courageous to the Third Degree
When A Christian Dies
Like It's Game Seven of the NBA Finals

Series - Worst Case Scenarios

And Yet.
Even If.
Be Still.
But God.

Series - Apprentices

Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi
They Must Deny Themselves
Ride The Lightning
Wherever They Go

Series - A Sermon On The Mount Christianity

The 0's Are The Hero's
Sorrow Is Better Than Laughter
Wait, WHO Inherits the Earth!?
Stay Thirsty My Friends
The Clock Strikes Zero
Pure In Heart
We're The Peace DEPT.
Jump For Joy
Behold the Rabid Monkey!
Adultery. Let's Talk About It
Radiant By Association
Rekindle The Spark
Liberal? Or Conservative?
I Solemnly Swear...to Quit Swearing
Go, And Arise
How Christians Strike Back
Agape Your Enemies
Be Perfect, Just As God is Perfect
When You Give to the Poor
Pineapples and Heisman Trophies
Pearls Before Swine
Camouflaged Wolves and Red Moons
A Brand New Way To Pray
Call The Man!!
Lord, Lord
Pray Just Like This
Do Not Worry. Do Not Worry. Do Not Worry.
Imaginative Honor
The End is the Beginning
The Feast Of Fasting
Before We Bang the Gavel
Take the Road Less Traveled
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Series | Advent For The Poor

The Untouchable Is Touched
The Hopeless Woman Finds Peace
The Blind Men See
The Poor Become Rich
The Monster Walks Free

Series | The Bible In Color

"Don't Forsake the Assembly"
The Other Great Commission
Women And Silence
It Took 3 Hours To Make
Reimagining Heaven
The Lord's Sampler
The Salvation Issue We Never Talk About